Here is information about our summer workshop, July 28 through 30, 2023.

Moving forward with our experiments in combining distance and face-to-face workshops, this year we will be combining the two: the whole workshop will occur both at Holy Names Music Center in Spokane, WA and online on the Zoom platform. All the group classes will include both types of students. All students will work with each teacher, both in classes and in private lessons.

Our online classes over the past five years have been surprisingly successful. We have now had some experience combining online and in-person classes in other contexts and look forward to the opportunity offered to join the two in order to include people for whom travel to Spokane is impractical as well as the chance to see many of our dear students face-to-face.

About the workshop

The Three-Day Workshop

This three-day intensive course is designed for the beginner as well as for students with varying experience in the Alexander Technique. It provides the opportunity to study with teachers trained in a variety of schools.

• 7 to 1 minimum student/faculty ratio
• Individual lessons and classes
• Small groups applying the Technique to particular areas of interest: daily activities, voice, music, theater, dance, sports
• Special activities for Alexander teachers and trainees

A Faculty on the Cutting Edge of the Developing Alexander Technique

• Body Mapping taught by its originator and a faculty deeply versed in its use in the Alexander Technique
• Application of the technique to performance: we have long experience in music, theater, and dance
• Exploring the interaction of Alexander with breathing and energy work

Location and schedule

Holy Names Music Center


The whole workshop will take place between 9 am and 4:30 pm PDT with a break for lunch. The address of HNMC is 3910 W. Custer Dr., Spokane, WA 99224.
Drawing from our experience doing online workshops over the past several years, morning classes will include all students and all teachers. In the afternoon, after a whole-group exploration of lying-down work, the medicine wheel, or breathing, the main group will work together on various activities while individuals will go to break-out rooms or classrooms for private lessons.

In-person students will have private lessons in classrooms, while online students will have private lessons in Zoom break-out rooms.

Final details of the schedule will be decided once we have an idea of attendance.


We're proud to introduce our remarkable faculty. We have worked together for decades. Along with solid grounding in classical Alexander work, we have unusual experience working with many different aspects of the Alexander Technique: Body Mapping, teacher training, group work, teaching in higher education, working with performance, working with people with physical and health challenges, integrating Alexander work with energy work. Here is a unique opportunity to work with a very interesting group of teachers. All four of us will participate in the morning sessions, and each student will have private lessons with as many teachers as possible in the afternoon.
Bill Conable
Bill Conable is the senior Alexander teaching student of Marjorie Barstow, with whom he began working in 1962. He also studied with Frank Jones and Walter Carrington and studies energy healing with James Kepner and Carol De Santo. He is certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy Work. He developed the first university course in the Alexander Technique at the Ohio State University, where he is Professor Emeritus of Music. He is the inventor of the concept of Body Mapping and co-author with Barbara Conable of the influential book How to Learn the Alexander Technique.
Bill teaches classes at Holy Names Music Center in Spokane, WA, and maintains a vigorous private teaching practice as well. He is a teaching member and Treasurer of ATI and a former teaching member of AmSAT. He has taught Alexander throughout the US and in Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Chile, Italy, and Hungary. He is President of Alexander Workshops, LLC, and Workshop Coordinator. He is a founding member of the teacher training program
Dale Beaver
Dale Beaver, RMT, has a BMus from the University of Mt. Union and graduate work at OSU. After a 10-year period of study with Bill Conable and others who trained in Lincoln Nebraska, he became a certified teaching member of ATI. For more than 20 years, he has taught residential Alexander Technique workshops in Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, North & South Carolina and Washington as well as state music conventions throughout the Great Lakes region.  For eleven years he taught Alexander Technique courses at Ohio State University in the School of Music, Dance Department and Theater Department and was Director of Health and Wellness for the School of Music at OSU. Along with continued regular Alexander studies with colleagues, he studies energy work with James Kepner and Carol DeSanto, and has been certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy work. Dale has been an organist and choir director for over 45 years, and runs a private vocal studio.
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Shawn L. Copeland is a multidimensional musician, pedagogue, and entrepreneur whose talents have made him a leader in both the performance and musician wellness spaces. He is the founder of mBODYed, LLC, a new program specializing in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping Training for performers. His interest in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping began in 1997 at the Brevard Music Center. He believes in the inclusion of the body in the creative process and strives to create a safe place for the whole person to learn. His pedagogy teaches that the body represents lived experiences and seeks to affirm these experiences while helping students grow. Through his work with performing musicians, he has helped hundreds of musicians improve their performance and understand the nature of their performance-related injuries. He currently serves as a training mentor and Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee of the Association of Body Mapping Education, and is a sponsoring teacher in Alexander Technique International. He is also the Co-Founder/Director of Inter-Mountain Alexander Training, a new program that trains teachers of the Alexander Technique. He is the co-author of the upcoming publications, Body Mapping for Clarinetists and Breathing for Clarinets. Shawn has been studying Nervous System Energy Healing since 2010 and explores the many intersections of energy work and Alexander Technique in his teaching and research.
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Donna Doellinger, RN, RMT, has been a Registered Nurse since 1973. She specializes in Newborn Intensive Care. She pioneered the use of Alexander's principles with premature infants beginning with the trauma of birth and resuscitation through various stages of healing and growth including respiratory and feeding issues, calming and coping issues for drug addicted babies, as well as working with parents to improve the quality of bonding and care-taking. She has also given classes for nurses to work on improving their use while performing their duties.
Donna has studied the Alexander Technique since 1977 with the Conables and Marjorie Barstow. She graduated from The Alexander Foundation in 1990. She taught an ongoing Alexander class for persons with Parkinson's Disease from 1995 until 2019, and is on the faculty of the Alexander Workshops Winter workshop in Columbus.
Since 1990 she has studied energy healing with James Kepner, Carol DeSanto, and Rosalyn Bruyere and is certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy Work. She teaches classes on anatomy for energy healers, and beginning techniques and skills for people interested in energy work. Her focus now is on exploring the complementary use of energy skills with the Alexander Technique to lead students to an expanded experience of the whole self. She is a teaching member of ATI.


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Tuition for either option is $500. (Please note that this is less than our last pre-pandemic summer workshop).

DEPOSIT of $50 will guarantee a place in the course until July 9, when the balance is due.

REFUND POLICY: Full refunds are made up to two weeks before the course. In case of cancellations received after July 9, the deposit is non-refundable. There will be no refunds after the workshop begins.

You may pay by check or credit card. Checks should be made out and sent to Alexander Workshops, LLC, 815 Villard St., Cheney, WA 99004. You may pay by credit card through PayPal. On your browser, go to That'll make everything easy, and you can set the amount of your payment right there.

For Teachers and Trainees

For Teachers and Trainees

If you're an Alexander teacher or teacher trainee, we have some extras to offer you:

• Attendance at the course will count towards your continuing education requirements.

• Our course is organized into "home groups" and "rotating groups." The home groups are formed of people of like experience and meet together every day. We usually have one group composed of teachers and trainees: this group can concentrate its attention on teaching issues and learn about cutting-edge advances in the Technique.

• All of us have spent a lot of time in recent years exploring energy work and its relationship with the Alexander Technique, and most are Advanced Practitioners of Nervous System Energy Work. Donna is also trained in Reiki. We offer workshops for teachers in this field, and this is a great opportunity to find out what our discoveries have to offer you.

We hope to see you in July!