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About IMAT

We train future teachers of the Alexander Technique as well as current teachers looking to further develop their skills and knowledge. Classes are held in Spokane, Washington.

ATI (Alexander Technique International, one of the two major Alexander Technique professional organizations) has instituted a competence-based certification process. (For more information about this,
click here.) Our students will decide, in consultation with us, when they feel prepared to enter that process. Success there, rather than completion of a set curriculum or length of training, will qualify them as professional Alexander teachers.

Our classes will be designed to lead to that success. Our approach is firmly based in traditional Alexander teaching procedures, body-mapping, improvisational teaching, group teaching, and the evolving application of principles of energy work to practicing and teaching Alexander's discoveries.

Our students will:
  • clearly understand and communicate both the historical basis and present thinking about the Alexander Technique;
  • demonstrate good use themselves in their activities, their lives, and their teaching;
  • be able to facilitate the primary control in their own students;
  • identify obstacles students are facing;
  • and, with a variety of approaches available to them, help their students overcome those obstacles.
The fact that students and teachers alike will be geographically diverse and will all have busy lives may mean that not everyone will be able to attend every session. We expect that a commitment to the program will lead to attendance that is as regular as possible. Students will avail themselves of opportunities for private lessons with the faculty members alone or in small groups, observation of the faculty's teaching, and working with other teachers. The emphasis is on the students turning themselves into teachers, taking responsibility for their own learning and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. Tuition for the program will be on a per-session basis.


Meet our faculty

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Bill Conable is the senior Alexander teaching student of Marjorie Barstow, with whom he began working in 1962. He also studied with Frank Jones and Walter Carrington and studies energy healing with James Kepner and Carol De Santo. He is certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy Work. He developed the first university course in the Alexander Technique at the Ohio State University, where he is Professor Emeritus of Music. He is the inventor of the concept of Body Mapping and co-author with Barbara Conable of the influential book How to Learn the Alexander Technique.
Bill teaches classes at Holy Names Music Center in Spokane, WA, and maintains a vigorous private teaching practice as well. He is a teaching member of ATI and a former teaching member of AmSAT. He has taught the Alexander throughout the US and in Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Hungary. He has taught in Alexander teacher training courses in Philadelphia, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Greensboro, NC. He is President of Alexander Workshops, LLC.
Shawn Copeland
Shawn Copeland began studying the Alexander Technique in 1997 while a student at the Brevard Music Center and qualified as a teacher in 2006 after a five year apprenticeship with Marsha Paludan.  Those who have guided his learning and continue to influence his teaching include Sarah Barker, Glenna Batson, Dale Beaver, Bill Conable, Donna Doellinger, and Robin Gilmore. He maintains a vigorous schedule of teaching, presenting and performing.  New to the Northwest, Shawn recently accepted a teaching position in Clarinet and Alexander Technique in the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho. He also teaches Alexander Technique at the Eastern Music Festival and at the Summer Clarinet Clinic at Stetson University.  He travels extensively, presenting at universities and international conferences throughout the US and abroad. Shawn has been studying Nervous System Energy Healing since 2010 and explores the many intersections of energy work and Alexander Technique in his teaching and research.  He is a certified teaching member of Alexander Technique International and a licensed Andover Educator.
And occasional guest teachers. This year on March 23 we look forward to the visit of
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Luc Vanier (MFA, MAmSAT) is the Founding Director of the School of Dance at the University of Utah. He received his MFA from the University of Illinois and certified as an Alexander technique teacher in 2001 and became a training course Director in 2011. He was Principal Dancer and company choreographer with Ohio Ballet. Vanier has lectured and presented his research extensively nationally and internationally and his co-authored book “Dance and the Alexander Technique” was published by University of Illinois Press. He founded the Integral Movement Lab, which combines the Alexander Technique within product and curriculum designs. He co-created Framework for Integration, a movement analysis system anchored in the way babies and animals move that helps all movers make new, healthier movement decisions and encourages more coordinated and integrated bodily use.
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Elizabeth Johnson, BFA (George Mason University), MFA (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) is a performer, choreographer, educator, Laban Movement Analyst (GL-CMA Columbia College Chicago), and dual certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique (Alexander Technique Milwaukee and Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies). Her research focuses on integrating somatic, developmental, and feminist perspectives in her pedagogies and creative work. Johnson has presented national and international workshops on Alexander Technique and Dart Procedures applications in Dance and Yoga practices as well as how AT principles complement and/or challenge other somatic systems. She has taught as a guest in AT teacher training courses in Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Johnson’s company, Your Mother Dances, features her choreography as well as produces national and regional guest artists, and her work has been seen in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and beyond. She has also performed with David Parker and The Bang Group (NYC), Sara Hook Dances (NYC), and Molly Rabinowitz Liquid Grip (NYC), and has served as Dance faculty at UIUC, UW-Madison, UNC-Greensboro, UW-Milwaukee, and Texas Tech University. She is an Assistant Professor in Theatre and Dance at the University of Florida.




Sept 28-29
Oct 26-27
Nov 9-10
Nov 30-Dec1
Jan 11–12
Feb 22-23
March 23, with guests Luc Vanier and Elizabeth Robinson
April 12-13
May 10-11

There will be sessions for a new cohort Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, and sessions
all day Saturday for those who have been with us before. The two groups will share the the Saturday morning sessions.